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Fast Object Tracking – Robot Computer Vision

Published on September 16, 2010 By codex

I wanted my robot to be able to track object and follow them. The first thing I wanted to do is give the robot the ability to follow an object with its head camera. The head camera is mounted on a pan-tilt servo system, and hence is capable of moving left and right, up and […]

Linux Robotic Platform – an Intelligent Robot

Published on July 5, 2010 By codex

I have always wanted to experiment with robotics, and lately I’ve found the time to build an “intelligent”, open-source robotic platform. The platform runs embedded debian linux, and includes the following main capabilities: 1. Computer Vision (imitation of the human vision. The robot sees and “understands” what it sees). For this I have extensively used […]

Introduction to Robotics

Published on July 11, 2007 By codex

What is a Robot? A Robot is an automatic machine that is able to move. It’s controlled by a sophisticated controller, in many cases having an ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Review of the structure and general sub-systems of a Robot A typical robot will have several sub-systems, among which: The Actuators Subsystem – a system which its […]