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Fast Object Tracking – Robot Computer Vision

Published on September 16, 2010 By codex

I wanted my robot to be able to track object and follow them. The first thing I wanted to do is give the robot the ability to follow an object with its head camera. The head camera is mounted on a pan-tilt servo system, and hence is capable of moving left and right, up and […]

Building a Custom Debian Kernel for the BeagleBoard

Published on May 24, 2009 By codex

While trying to get my WIFI dongle to work with the BeagleBoard, I noticed that the dongle’s module was not compiled into the kernel. So I had to build a new kernel from scratch. Since building a new kernel under the BeagleBoard will take a LOT of time, I decided to cross-compile a kernel for […]

Installing Embedded Debian on the BeagleBoard

Published on May 3, 2009 By codex

The following post describes installing EABI Debian (Embedded Application Binary Interface Debian) on the BeagleBoard. Debian is my favorite distribution, I’ve been using it for nearly 13 years, so sticking with it on the embedded platform comes only natural for me.

First Steps with the BeagleBoard

Published on April 25, 2009 By codex

The BeagleBoard, capabale as it is, is not a standard PC, and thus beginning to work with is involves some non trivial steps. The first step, naturally, is to get keyboard, mouse and monitor output. The second step is to get network controll (preferably Ethernet, but a Serial connection is fine for the beginning as […]

Choosing an Embedded Linux Board (Embedded Linux boards comparison)

Published on February 22, 2009 By codex

I’ve recently began working on a new project- a wheeled robotic platform, which will be capable of navigating autonomously, not only by the help of various proximity sensors, but also by using real Computer Vision algorithms. The platform will communicate with the outside world using WIFI or BlueTooth.  To answer my requirements and design, and […]