Linux Robotic Platform – an Intelligent Robot

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Intellibot - an Intelligent Robot

I have always wanted to experiment with robotics, and lately I’ve found the time to build an “intelligent”, open-source robotic platform.

The platform runs embedded debian linux, and includes the following main capabilities:

1. Computer Vision (imitation of the human vision. The robot sees and “understands” what it sees). For this I have extensively used the OpenCV project.

2. Speech Synthesis (imitation of human speech. The ability to speak). For this I have used Espeak.

3. Speech Recognition (the ability to understand vocal commands). For this I have used CMU Sphinx 4 (after modifying some of the files in the project)

Just a teaser, before I upload more videos:

List of Computer Vision capabilities:

1. Line Following

2. Object Tracking

3. Facial Recognition (uses face API from

List of Speech Synthesis Capabilities:

1. Speaking the current action (“Moving Forward” etc)

2. Saying “Hi <name>” when it recognizes a face

Current list of Speech Recognition Capabilities:

1. Full movement control (“Move Forward\Backward”, “Turn Left\Right”, “Stop”)

2. Initialization of algorithms: “Follow Line\RedBall”, “Find Face”

Robot Diagram


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