CNC 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver \ Controller

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Lirtex 3 Axis CNC Controller

Design, development and construction of an electronic controller for a CNC machine. The controller controls up to 3 stepper motors (up to 3 axes), has home and limit switches, and is optically isolated from the computer.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Model of the Circuit

בקר CNC

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

בקר מכונת CNC

בקר מכונת CNC

Technical Specifications

  • Supports 3 axis in step direction control
  • Supports unipolar stepper motors
  • Can work in either full-steps or half-steps for higher precision
  • Connects to the computer using the parallel port (LPT)
  • Completeoptical isolation from the computer – protects the computer from possible faults.
  • Home and limit switches support for the 3 axes.
  • Header access to every free LPT input\output (can be used to enhance the CNC control by adding vacuum cleaner, lubricant
  • Absolute maximal electrical specifications: 60 volts, 30 ampere, 90 watts (with proper heat-sink).
  • Seperate control for each motor!
  • Maximum of 35,000 steps per second for each axis
  • Heat-sink ready
  • Actively ventilated package (fan)
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Supports 5,6,8 wired motors
  • Supported by Linux CNC (EMC2), Mach3, Kcam

CNC Controller Case

  • 3 “one way” connectors for easily connecting the stepper motors while preventing mistakes
  • DB-9 (“serial”) connector for limit-switches input.
  • Emergency Stop Button (the red button in the corner) that completely shuts down the electricity. The button is lit (using a bright led) while the machine is ON.
  • Well ventilated case using a 60mm brushless fan.
  • DC (12v) connector
  • General bench-top power supply connectors for the motor’s electricity.
מארז בקר CNC
מארז בקר CNC

An example configuration in Linux CNC (EMC2)

הגדרות CNC

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