Automatic Caller Identifier for Maemo (Nokia Linux OS)

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Nokia N900

Automatic Caller Identification uses several sites on the internet to find the identification of unknown incoming calls, and display it while receiving such calls.

The project is developed for Maemo, Nokia’s embedded Linux operating system.

For years I have waited for having my own phone that would run Linux. A phone I will be able to use just like any other system, stacked with a full programming tool-chain, ssh access, a decent packaging system, and my favorite set of application. Finally, that day has come. Nokia N900 is a fully based Linux based phone which runs Maemo – an SDK and a software platform which is based on my long loved Debian Linux distribution.

This post will describe the process of developing an Maemo application for the Nokia N900. I will use my Automatic Caller Identification program as an example.

Automatic Caller Identification?

Simply put, an automatic caller identification system is a system that can identify unknown numbers (i.e. phone numbers which are not currently stored in your phone book). Since the N900 has a built in internet connection (either Wifi or 3G), I wanted to create a program that once an unidentified call is received, will use several sites in the internet to identify the caller and display its details. Since I live in Israel I first experienced with Israeli numbers, but the code is modular enough to extend it to other countries \ internet databases as well. The database I used was

The development Process

Development Environment

Maemo SDK

Live example

Links and Source-code

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